Quick synopsis of each position below:

Director of Corporate Relations

  • Work with director of corporate relations in making sure we have a set schedule of meetings with companies for the semester.

  • Prepare room in conjunction with Webmaster (IT director) to ensure proper presentation materials are set up

  • Can also work with Director of Marketing to oversee promotion of events and ensure flyer distribution

  • Director of Philanthropy 

    • Seek volunteering opportunities

    • Give appropriate notice of volunteering opportunities to Executive Board

    • Plan around a minimum of three (3) events per semester

  • Director of Social Events

    • Work with the Director of Social Events 

    • Will brainstorm and suggest social ideas

    • Establish dates, locations and details for socials

  • Director of Fundraising

    • Will suggest and present fundraising ideas to the E-board

    • Help the director of fundraising with logistics of fundraisers (setting a date, time that works best)

  • Director of Marketing

    • Provide information of all possible marketing possibilities for the organization

    • Help the Director of Marketing prepare a flyers 

    • Help take pictures of events (e.g. general meetings, social and volunteer events, fundraisers)